Emma is one of the recipients of a 2023 Peter Moore Scholarship.  She writes about her WAYO experience:

I have been a part of the WAYO organisation for three years. I initially joined the Philharmonic in 2021, and then moved into the orchestra in 2022. This year I am very excited to be the principal horn of the Western Australian Youth Orchestra.

Being a part of WAYO has been fundamental in my development as a young musician. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to hone my orchestral skills and learn interesting repertoire, but the WAYO experience is lots of fun! Rehearsing and performing with such a lovely group of people (including the orchestra, the staff, and the conductors) is so rewarding, and is always something I look forward to.

So many examples come to my mind when I think of highlights in my WAYO journey. The Rite of Spring concert back in January last year was an absolutely formative experience for me. It was my first concert with the big orchestra and definitely the hardest piece I’ve ever played. It pushed my capabilities to a new level and really enhanced my musical skills. Another amazing concert was the WASO-WAYO side-by-side concert of 2022. My favourite piece of the concert was Become Ocean by John Luther Adams. To play such a conceptual and meditative piece with the WASO musicians was actually awe-inspiring for me.

I find the WAYO experience to be extremely valuable, so I have dedicated a lot to the organisation. Of course that in itself is rewarding, but being a recipient of the Peter Moore Scholarship means so much to me. The scholarship allows me to once again be a part of this excellent organisation and nothing could make me happier.