Through the support of some generous donors, WA Youth Orchestras owns several violins, which are made available to members through Violin Scholarships.  Daniel is a long-time member of our ensembles, and a Violin Scholarship recipient.  He took some time to reflect on his WAYO journey thusfar:

“2023 will mark my tenth year as a member of the WA Youth Orchestras program. I have enjoyed making wonderful music with many different colleagues, conductors, and various ensembles.  My journey began in 2014 with the Sinfonietta String Orchestra, followed by two years as a member of the Collegium String Orchestra. I was honoured to spend 2016 as the Concertmaster of Collegium, under the baton of Grace Ah-Quee. 2017 marked my first experience playing with a symphony orchestra, as a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra. This year spent with Philharmonic ignited my love for orchestral performance and symphonic music in particular. Since 2018 I have been a member of the WA Youth Orchestra. I have enjoyed the last 5 years rehearsing and performing with such a high-quality ensemble, as well as meeting many talented musicians and new friends.

I certainly have many wonderful memories from my time with the WA Youth Orchestras. One of my fondest memories is performing Mahler’s 2nd Symphony in WAYO’s July season of 2018. This project was led by the inspiring Tze Law Chan and performed alongside the Orchestra of the Music Makers from Singapore. I had such a wonderful time rehearsing this piece throughout the July week, culminating in an unforgettable 90 minute performance. To this day, this work remains one of my favourite pieces in orchestral repertoire.

One of the highlights of my time with WAYO, has been our collaborations with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. In both 2021 and 2022, I enjoyed performing with WASO as part of the ‘side-by-side’ projects. It was so inspiring to spend a week rehearsing alongside such experienced musicians in a professional environment. It has also been fantastic to see WASO members regularly helping the ensemble through sectionals, masterclasses, and other side-by-side projects. As WAYO musicians, we are extremely fortunate to receive opportunities to work alongside a professional orchestra. These collaborations have certainly made me a better musician and have provided me with an experience of professional orchestral playing. I look forward to working with WASO again in March for this year’s collaboration ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’.

Alongside these particular memories, I have also enjoyed our regular WAYO seasons, Babies Proms, collaborations with WA Opera and all other performance opportunities offered to us. I have been inspired by our conductors Peter Moore, Jen Winley, Jon Tooby and many others, who have helped guide WAYO to memorable performances over the years.

I am very grateful to the WA Youth Orchestras Association for their generosity over the years. In 2017 I was awarded a violin scholarship, allowing me to borrow the beautiful Nicholas Amatus violin. This scholarship has been pivotal to my musical journey, providing me with an instrument to use for some key musical ventures. This beautiful violin was used during my high school years, and helped me during my ATAR Music exams and various AMEB exams. It has also been particularly important throughout my tertiary studies at the UWA Conservatorium of Music. I used this beautiful instrument throughout my degree and for my final recital, at the conclusion of my Bachelor of Music.

I am very honoured to have received this scholarship in 2017, and thank the WA Youth Orchestra Association for their continued support and generosity.”